Investing for the 100-year life: Reactions

After a lively debate we asked our panellists about their key takeaways from the roundtable discussion on investing for the 100-year life.

Aug 13, 2018

Justin Garbutt, director of distribution at Vitality

Abraham Okusanya, director of Finalytiq

Claire Walsh, financial adviser at Aspect8

Jason Butler, personal finance author and speaker

Watch the full debate here.

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Piers Johnson 11 months ago

I was reading Homo Deus last night (Yuval Noah Harari) and although far from being a prediction it was talking about the feasibility of average life expectancy doubling again up to around 150. Can you imagine the implications for advice and indeed for products if that were to be realised? It wouldn't be our biggest problem of course, but even still. ...

Justin Cash 11 months ago

The underwriting implications could be enough to drastically reduce the number of providers willing to offer annuities. There are few enough as it is.

Piers Johnson 11 months ago

Well if one version of the future of humankind is that we will seek immortality via technology and bio-chemistry then annuity providers would certainly struggle with that type of client! The lifetime value of ISA savers could receive a boost though.