Amazon Prime partners with Vitality

World’s most valuable brand is new Active Rewards partner, incentivising people to get active

Oct 18, 2018

The announcement of a new benefit with Amazon Prime marks a significant evolution in the way members are incentivised to be healthier through Vitality’s popular Active Rewards offering, with a month of Prime membership being unlocked for every 160 Vitality points a member earns. Prime provides access to fast delivery on millions of items, thousands of movies and TV shows, two million songs to stream ad-free and more. 

Nick Read, Director of the Vitality Programme, commented “not only does this represent an exciting new benefit, and further underlines Vitality’s commitment to partnering with leading global brands to deliver enhanced value to our members, but it has provided us with a great opportunity to re-configure our Active Rewards structure to drive even more engagement in healthy behaviours amongst different groups of members.” 

The Prime benefit will work in a different way to Vitality’s other Active Rewards benefits, operating largely independently of any monthly or weekly time period. This means that members can earn points at their own pace, and means that members who miss out on these regular goals are still incentivised to engage. The benefit also broadens the appeal of Active Rewards, due to the growing popularity and ubiquity of streaming, as well as Prime’s additional services.  

Prime is just one of the changes being made to Active Rewards, with the existing cinema benefit moving to a bi-weekly structure, where members can unlock a cinema ticket by hitting their activity points goal in two consecutive weeks. The ticket will then be valid over a longer two week period. The change to the cinema benefit is designed to incentivise members who engage with the Vitality Programme – but infrequently - to get active on a more regular and sustained basis. 

Beyond the more accessible rolling-points structure, the fantastic suite of services provided by Prime will appeal to more of our members than ever” concludes Read, “and will continue to help Vitality make a meaningful impact on the lives of our members.


We’re the first insurance company to reward people for healthy living. We aim to be the best at what we do, offering comprehensive and award-winning Health and Life cover and positively different investments to our members. We believe in the idea of ‘shared value’: we help you take a more active role in managing your own wellness, which can encourage you to develop healthy long-term habits that are good for you, good for us and good for society.

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