5 office snacking danger zones and how to hurdle them

Sep 01, 2018

With the tearoom biscuit tin and leftover birthday cake always on offer, healthy snacking in the office can require cast-iron willpower. With constant temptation, it’s no wonder we can consume 50%1 more calories than we realise every day.

To help you snack smarter in the office, we turn to nutritionist Sarah O’Neill for the five biggest foodie danger zones to look out for and how to make a healthier choice.

The birthday
While the National Obesity Forum recently suggested swapping office birthday cake “for smiles and hugs”2, we know that abstaining isn’t that easy. Be mindful – cut your own slice so you’re in control of the portion size and move the leftovers to a communal area so you don’t get tempted later.

The 3pm sweet craving
If the vending machine regularly calls, save yourself the calories and money by being prepared. Keep a supply of seeds. Yoghurt and berries in the fridge – they’re low-sugar but can satisfy that sweet tooth. If you haven’t thought ahead, spend your change on pretzels or popcorn over chocolate.

Working late
Resist the lure of the biscuit tin and try 2-3 wholegrain crackers with a tasty topping such as cottage cheese, tuna, low-fat cream cheese with cucumber and tomato, or mashed avocado. You’ll get a dose of hunger-sating fibre and protein to fill you up until you get home.

Swap your mid-morning crisps for veggie crudités. Okay, so veg isn’t known for being as tasty, but healthy dips instantly up the satisfaction factor. Try celery, radishes, raw broccoli, mangetout or carrot batons with hummus, tzatziki or even peanut butter

The Friday office lunch
To stop you panic ordering, try snacking on something filling beforehand such as a handful of fibre-rich nuts. Choose vegetarian dishes, as these usually contain more veg and less fat, or protein-rich meals. Dodge the French fries sides and this will keep the bill down, too.

1 Tam Fry to The Telegraph on behalf of the National Obesity Forum, http://nationalobesityforum.org.uk
2 Michael Hallsoworth (2016) Counting Calories: A new report from BIT on the problems with official statistics on calorie intake, and how they can be solved http://www.behaviouralinsights.co.uk


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