Staying merry and well this festive season

Dec 18, 2018

There are plenty of office parties and Christmas events going on at this time of year. But have no fear - you can still stay healthy while going out and enjoying yourself, with a little bit of planning! The best way to stay healthy consistently is to live a life you love. 

If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail, as they say... so here are some simple ideas for how you can go to your office Christmas parties and enjoy yourself, but still keep your healthy lifestyle on track.

We need to examine pre- event, during and post. Some useful steps can be made before you go out so that you're prepared. Most importantly of all though, don’t beat yourself up for enjoying a party - it’s a time of year to enjoy yourself and relax.

Pre Event 

Work out what you're going to eat before the event. Having a solid, filling meal beforehand will reduce the amount you want to consume while you're there. Protein should be key here as it has high satiety value (it fills you up). Something like steak and veg or a chilli would be great. If you're a vegetarian then get your fill of those grains and beans!

Reduce your calorie intake. If you know you'll be consuming a lot of calories at an event, reduce your intake either earlier during that day, or during the preceding week. If you have a limit of 1,800 calories a day in order to lose weight then try having 1,600 for a few days so that you have extra calories to play around with at the event.

During Event 

Consume food and drink in moderation. Why not try to alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and sticking to spirits with low-calorie mixers? If the aim is to enjoy your drinks, take it slow, enjoy!

Know what drinks are available. You'll edge towards what you enjoy or what’s cheapest, so take some time to look at what they serve when you first get there. Give yourself a limit on what you'll drink, so once you're there you'll know to stop. Setting this number while sober is the best plan of action.

Post Event

Make sure you have plenty of fresh and healthy food in the house. One thing that can add a lot of unnecessary calories after a night out is junk food. If you make sure you have some nice, healthy meals prepared in the house beforehand, you'll have these meals ready to eat and thus, be less likely to snack on bad foods. Drink plenty of water to re-hydrate.

Try to stay as active as you can - wrap up warm and go for a fast-paced walk. The fresh air and steps will make you feel a lot better. Happy holidays!


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