Help your clients navigate through these changing times

Watch the first-ever VitalityInvest Live broadcast

Feb 06, 2019

After almost a decade-long bull run, markets in recent months have shown signs of fragility. Yet, despite the current climate, your clients’ need for capital growth remains constant.

To help you and your clients navigate these changing times watch the VitalityInvest Live broadcast. Sir Craig Oliver hosts the 60-minute broadcast, where Herschel Mayers, CEO, and Justin Taurog, Deputy CEO, explain how you could maximise the opportunities VitalityInvest’s new products and offers provide before tax year-end. Get Investec Asset Management’s view on the UK and global investment landscape and there's an exclusive interview with BBC’s Andrew Marr, who gives his insights into the UK political landscape.

Watching this broadcast should represent relevant CPD for authorised advisers.

 More about Vitality’s Tax year-end campaign

VitalityInvest’s new innovations aim to give your clients’ portfolio more stability and more control over the charges they pay, as well as offering them the chance to make the most of their allowances before tax year-end. To summarise, VitalityInvest have launched two new Protector Funds, to sit alongside the existing Vitality Investec Multi-Asset Income Fund and risk focussed VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser fund range. There’s also a Healthy Living Discount limited time offer.

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